Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

So, tonight is the start of the Rosenau "official" football season...the Denver Broncos play in the late game tonight against the Oakland Raiders!

In honor of this momentous occasion, Collin sported his Bronco's jersey today. He wore it a few times last year too, but this year it actually fits!
Lately Collin seems to enjoy watching and trying any sport that is provided to him...clearly that came from Daddy's side of the family. Even as a baby he seemed to enjoy the movement of football games on the TV...We'll see if this year he will turn into a "superfan" like Daddy...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Ideas

So, for those of you that have asked what Collin would appreciate for his birthday, I am afraid that a membership to the AARP (Yes, American Association of Retired Persons) is growing increasingly appropriate...I know that organization is for senior citizens, but I think we can sneak him in...if recent behavior is any indication.

Now, don't get me wrong...there are plenty of times in a day that both Doug and I wish that Collin would just sit quietly...or just sit at all. He is definitely almost "2" and has energy at even 6:00 in the morning that I would love to bottle and sell. However, he also has interests that are more in line with someone 40 times his age...

I have already written about his love for playing golf. That is is a new skill, he sees Daddy doing it, and he gets to go chase after the balls he hits. Then it progressed to Collin requesting to watch "man hit the ball" on TV. I find it odd and disturbing that I now know Channel 28 on our TV is the GOLF station....Don't worry to any feminist friends out there, he is equally as happy watching women play golf, but he does not differentiate in his requests.

Then one night when Doug was not home I was making dinner. Collin came running into the kitchen requesting to watch "man hit the ball", which I thought was strange since the GOLF channel was already playing. Much to my surprise, Collin had gotten into the entertainment center and found an instructional golf video by Tom Lehman that Doug got as one of those "free gifts" for subscribing to a magazine or something...Collin showed such joy over seeing a DVD of "man hit the ball" that I could not refuse. He sat and watched Mr. Lehman during the rest of my time making dinner, showing more long-term interest in that DVD than pretty much anything I have seen before.
Collin watching the instructional golf DVD

After coming inside earlier today from playing golf, Collin requested to again watch "man hit the ball"...but there is only so much Tom Lehman that a girl can take. I was cold and damp...Collin, like his father, demands to golf in any weather. Collin was happy, but becoming tired and I wanted to get lunch started so I was going to comply with Channel 28 GOLF, but was foiled by an info-mercial. So, I decided to take my chances and channel-flipped to see if ESPN could help me out.

I found bowling...Collin loved it. He hooted and hollered and almost did not want to eat lunch...good thing I had made "noodles" or he may not have left the couch...

So, golf and now bowling....He already wears diapers and sometimes his pants ride up his waist...can the AARP be far behind?

P.S. For those of you looking to improve your "driving for distance and accuracy" give Collin a call...he should be able to give you some tips...

Lovin' the Ladies

A few posts back we mentioned how lucky Collin is to have so many toddler friends and family near his own age...although most of those were boys, he also has his fair share of "girl-friends" too. We are very, very happy to announce that Collin now has one more lady to love in his life: Kiley Marie Bartsch, the brand new daughter of Katie and Darin Bartsch (Collin's Godparents and our friends from college at St. Thomas).
Kiley Marie Bartsch
Born Friday September 5 at 2:44 a.m.
She weighed in at a dainty 6# 14 oz and 20 inches long

On Saturday we took a family trip to North Memorial hospital to meet Collin's newest "Cousin"...although she spent most of her time sleeping, we did get to hear her voice as she protested a diaper change and if we were not caught off-guard we did get to see the occasional glimpse of her eyes---if she was feeling generous...stubborn like her mom, I guess... :)

Katie and Darin are both doing well, despite the fact that Kiley was born through an emergency can check out their blog (linked above or listed as Bartsch Beat on the Friends and Family list) for details.

Earlier this month Collin also got to spend some time with the lovely Zeleke girls, Jasmine and Zana. Jazzy and Z are the daughters of Jan and Abel Zeleke, who I met through working with Jan as a co-worker at Bar None Residential Treatment Services. Although Jan has since left Bar None and the Zeleke family has migrated to her home state of Iowa, we have managed to keep in touch and actually even made the roadtrip this summer as planned! Jan is pregnant and expecting the third Zeleke girl in December...we'll keep you all posted!
and Collin mugging for the camera

Zana and Collin enjoying
some time on a swingset
What fun!
In addition to these visits, on Labor Day weekend Collin got a chance to hang with his cousin Grace, who he adores! Grandma Nola was kind enough to watch Collin for us so Doug and I could go to the Toby Keith concert at the State Fair...and Grace was kind enough to watch them both so no one got into trouble :)

Collin really enjoyed his time with these two ladies...he spent the rest of the week after they were gone asking where they were...
Enjoying some lunch with Cousin Grace
I suspect things are pretty boring for him now that it is just dad and mom at home...
Thanks to all you ladies for being a part of our lives!