Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally cured of Spring Fever

It seemed like it took forever for the weather to turn pleasant in any sort of predictable way....the Rosenau family caught a pretty bad case of spring fever early on this year...

We tried diligently to make the best of what remained of the winter season. Another round of skating lessons got the whole family up on skates this time and we were able to spend some time enjoying the more moderate temperatures on an outdoor rink.

But even time outdoors shooting the puck around did not make up for the fact that it was still not really spring! So, to bring a taste of the tropics to Ramsey, a coconut just had to do!

And then, just when we could not wait any longer...look was Spring. Fore!

Finally the grass began to turn green and the threat of snow was gone. And as the golf courses began to open, we were fortunate enough to find one near our home that is very family friendly...and I just happen to know a pre-schooler who loves to golf...

Welcome Spring and look out we come!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New tricks for an old dog...

As you can tell, the Rosenau's have been absent from the blog world for quite some time. It is not that I don't have plenty of photos and stories from our latest family adventures to share with you.
Instead, I think that after taking a few weeks off during some particularly busy periods in our life, I simply fell out of the habit of blogging. I have never been a technology/gadget fan, so being away from the computer (outside of work, of course) is not something abnormal for me. So, although well intentioned, I seem to be struggling to get back into the groove of it all....Perhaps you can't teach an old dog new tricks?...

Well, perhaps not "old" yet, but definitely older...I celebrated my thirty-abcd birthday on April 22
(Oh, gee...did my fingers slip while I was typing?...that's odd...oh well...).

As that was a Thursday night, and we have now established that I am not as young as I used to be, you can imagine that the festivities the night of my actual birthday were pretty tame. Later in the month, however, we were fortunate enough to have a chance to celebrate with our friends Katie and Darin Bartsch. A pretty sudden and unexpected offer by Collin's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin's for an overnight visit with them left us free for a night on the town. (Side note: Collin also had a blast...he was able to attend his cousin's hockey tournament.)
Suddenly and unexpectedly we were able to call the Bartsch's who miraculously were able to find someone to watch their two kids and...presto! Dinner for four at Nectar!
Katie, Darin and I are all friends from our years at St. Thomas (and Doug was no stranger to that campus either...). Katie and I were actually roommates and together we all had plenty of memorable well as some we may have forgotten because of too much fun....
Nonetheless, celebrating with old friends makes getting older seem almost worth it!
Thanks to everyone who called or wrote, etc. to wish me a happy birthday! You are all appreciated! And I promise to get back to blogging and keeping you all more up to date!