Friday, August 6, 2010

Out to the ball game

Some time ago I promised an update on our first trip to the new Twins stadium. Better late than never...
We were all smiles on the way to the stadium. It was Collin's first baseball game ever and only mom's second. Going to the new outdoor Target Field stadium was a first for Collin, mom and dad!

The fun started even before we got through the doors! Collin wore his jersey and borrowed one of dad's hats to get into the spirit.

Once we were there, we hit the souvenir stand...Dad's hat was really just too big for sharing.
Then we found our seats. Not a bad view!

The it was time for a hotdog! Nothing else would do at a ballgame....

And Collin was gracious enough to pose for a picture with mom to commemorate the occasion.

Finally it was time to watch the game...pretty intently. We made it without too much restlessness. I think Collin watched more of the game than mom did, actually.
But, despite our cheers, the Twins lost to the Braves. Better luck next time!