Saturday, March 26, 2011

Making the best of it...

So, it's spring, huh? Funny, I can't tell by looking out my window... After the warm weather finally melted almost all of the snow from our yard, we had started playing outside and enjoying the warmer time outdoors. Baseball/tee-ball was a favorite and Collin would set up his tee and grab the bat and do his best to swing for the fences. It is becoming apparent that we need to get a more sturdy bat and tee as the plastic ones he started out with as a toddler have started to crack with his new found pre-school strength swing. But, as one can expect in Minnesota, the pleasant weather did not last for long, and our yard is now covered in snow again. What we did find when we went outside today, however, was surprising. Though the rest of the grass is still covered in about 3-4 inches of snow, the spot where Collin has always set up for batting practice was clear all the way to the (still brown) grass. This was not an area we shoveled and there is no "logical" reason based on sun/shade patterns this should have happened. A reminder from God that spring is, indeed, here after all? Prior to the thaw, we've done our best to enjoy the rest of the winter months after the holidays. Doug completed his last MBA program class and is officially a graduate, though he will not walk in the ceremony until later this spring. Collin (pre-school) and I (grad school) continue to hit the books, but we all still find time for fun. Here's a peek at how we've spent at least some of the last few months: Skating lessons have been fun for Collin and he is now "Sam 3" which he is very proud of. Rumor has it there is a hockey program in Anoka he'll be eligible for this fall, so I guess we'll see........... We found an opportunity to do some real dog sledding in Bloomington as well when they had an annual city celebration. Sometimes we tried to pretend it was summer and buried each other in the's the next best thing to sand at the beach, right? We went ice fishing, but only once before the lakes got too soft. Daddy caught the only fish, but we all had fun trying! And, of course, we made it to a Wild game.

This was Collin's first professional NHL game and
even though they lost (badly) we had a great time!

We hope that you and yours have also found a way to enjoy the last few months and don't worry, it will feel like Spring soon!