Saturday, December 18, 2010

Enjoying the holidays

The snow, cold and approaching holidays have seemed to slow things down here in least for our family. Michelle and Doug are each on a break from Grad school classes. Collin has a few more days before his Christmas break from pre-school, but has taken a break from daycare to stay home with Doug while he is at home before starting a new job in early January. We are enjoying the relative "peace and quiet" and look forward to spending time with family and friends in the upcoming weeks!

Be Happy for this moment! This moment is your life!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Theme Song

If you have audio on your computer, you have likely noticed music with the blog! Toward the bottom of the page you will see a "play list" of some of Collin's favorite songs of the last year...

He enjoys sports, but music still remains important too. He got a new and improved (more sturdy) drumset for his birthday to replace the one that has met its demise since Christmas a couple years ago. (Rocking out in his tough guy pirate pajamas...)We had conferences tonight with his teachers for both pre-school and daycare this evening and his love for music is evident there too. So, it seems appropriate for us to share with you all as well.

The songs will play as you read the blog, or else feel free to click on the ones that interest you most. For now it will always start with his current favorite "Stuck like Glue" but eventually I will modify it so it skips.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

So late it's scary?

Yes, I am posting about Halloween just shortly before Thanksgiving...So late, its scary....right?

This year our little man dressed as "Iron Man." I have to admit I am not entirely sure how that came about. Since right after last Halloween, the plan was to be a mummy this year. When the time came to get a costume, however, Iron Man was the clear favorite. I even got into the spirit of things (pun intended) and dug out my old witch hat and broom. No matter what Doug may tell you, that is not my normal state of being...

We then ventured back to Silver Lake, MN to do some trick or treating with Collin's cousins. This is the town where Doug grew up and roamed the streets himself as a child. I am guessing tricks were not uncommon in that town in those days....

We also went to a Halloween event at the Anoka County fairgrounds earlier in the month. Collin painted a pumpkin, got unlimited time in bounce houses (which I think he likes better than candy) and we got to make our own scarecrow, which is now living outside our front door (left, in the photo of Collin and I at the top of the page). Doug and Collin baked a pumpkin pie from scratch (real pumpkins, a home made crust...the real deal) and I baked some deliciously salty pumpkin seeds!

We hope that you all had a sweet Halloween too!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Collin!

It has been quite some time since our last post, but we could not let this important occasion go without a posting. Happy Birthday, Collin!

We continued to be very busy throughout the summer. Ideally there will eventually be posts to update you on outings to the Vikings game, the Renaissance, and just the general day to day fun and activities of our family.

Right now, the season of fall is in full swing and right now for the Rosenau family this means school! Doug is completing the last few months of his MBA program at Concordia, St. Paul. Michelle just began the MA Counseling Psychology program at Bethel in St. Paul. And yet another sign that our little boy is quickly growing up, Collin began pre-school at St. Stephen's in Anoka, MN earlier this month!

In any case, we hope to continue blogging here and there about our life, but be patient as we get into the groove of having three students in the family!

We spent today celebrating with 6 of Collin's friends and their parents from the Bartsch, Callison, Hammill and Neumann families. Happy Birthday, Collin! We love you and are so proud of you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Out to the ball game

Some time ago I promised an update on our first trip to the new Twins stadium. Better late than never...
We were all smiles on the way to the stadium. It was Collin's first baseball game ever and only mom's second. Going to the new outdoor Target Field stadium was a first for Collin, mom and dad!

The fun started even before we got through the doors! Collin wore his jersey and borrowed one of dad's hats to get into the spirit.

Once we were there, we hit the souvenir stand...Dad's hat was really just too big for sharing.
Then we found our seats. Not a bad view!

The it was time for a hotdog! Nothing else would do at a ballgame....

And Collin was gracious enough to pose for a picture with mom to commemorate the occasion.

Finally it was time to watch the game...pretty intently. We made it without too much restlessness. I think Collin watched more of the game than mom did, actually.
But, despite our cheers, the Twins lost to the Braves. Better luck next time!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hangin' with Chuck E.

This afternoon we spent some time at a birthday party for Collin's friend, Bryce (photo-right). Although we have been there once or twice before, it was the first Chuck E. Cheese experience for Collin since he has really been old enough to participate in the activities there.

He enjoyed the pizza and the games, and surprisingly enough, also meeting "Chuck E." For the most part, Collin has not been a fan of life size characters (giant Easter bunnies, Santa, etc. etc.) but he warmed up to Chuck E. pretty quickly. I suppose that has something to do with the other party goers, but I suspect it is also a sign of growing up. Check out the jam session above!

I personally went to the party with one thing on my mind...the "drawing" photo booth. I absolutely adore those..I am a total junkie and I knew they had one there. I love the black and white style photo and was so excited that Collin was willing to sit down with me long enough to pose for this picture!

Happy Birthday, Bryce! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!

Monday, June 28, 2010

America's pastime...

Each year, Collin's daycare center holds a T-ball tournament that is followed by a small carnival for the community later in the evening. This year Collin was again in the spirit of the game and loved every minute of it.

He enjoyed the game last year, and this year he had already been showing an increased interest in baseball/t-ball overall, thanks to the movie "The Sandlot." As a surprise, he got his very first real baseball glove just in time for the game. After that, it was all business!

When it was his team's turn up to bat, he volunteered to be first. Perhaps I should say that he could not have been stopped from being first up to bat..He was very excited, and as none of the other kids seemed too willing to step up to the plate it was an easy call to make. He swung, hit the ball, and off he ran. A Home Run!

It was probably one of those things you had to be there for, but it was hysterically funny. He ran as fast as he could-he was very serious about it yet, dare I say, he had a little bit of a cocky swagger to his gait! All the kids in the outfield would stumble over the ball, eventually lay hands on it and then throw as hard as they could. Given the age group of the kids, this gave our little self-proclaimed All Star plenty of time to round all the bases. The parents were laughing so hard they were in tears and it was a great way to start the game!

Collin was very proud, but not surprised---he often runs the bases at that very park when we play there as a family. He was actually more surprised his next time at bat when he had to stop to wait at first base and could not just keep going!

All of this baseball excitement translated into a spur of the moment trip the following Sunday to see a real Twin's game at the new Stadium...more posts to come!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hoppin' back to Easter

Yes, I realize that Easter has long since passed. Nonetheless, here is a glimpse of how we spent it...

We started the weekend out at early morning Easter Egg hunt left us with all sorts of sweet goodies that included the traditional chocolate bunny and a book I found about the real meaning of Easter.

Of course, coloring Easter Eggs was also on the "to do" list. Collin got a chance to show off his inner artist with some of his Cousins.

What a master piece!

Then later when the whole family slowly trickled in to the festivities at Grandma Nola's, a big outdoor Easter Egg hunt began..that's about 3 acres of hunting ground if I am estimating correctly...and that darn Easter Bunny hid nests of goodies around the whole place!

Nourished by the candy and treats they found, an impromptu football game broke out to celebrate the unseasonably warm weather. Players included aunts, uncles and cousins of all ages. You will notice that even the frills and lace of Easter finery could not get in the way of this game! Please excuse the very shaky camera was windy and I was giggling way too much to stay still.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prayers for some friends, please

Our friends, the Callison family, are in need of all your thoughts and prayers right now. Their youngest daughter, Lynnea, has struggled with serious cardiac issues her entire life. Her condition is at a critical point right now and they can use all of the strength, support and prayers we can offer. You can find details at the link on our page to the right for The Callison Chronicles, or simply say a word to God for little Lynnea, her big sister Ashlyn, Mommy Tina and Daddy Corey.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Splish Splash

Earlier this summer we had a chance to play at a swimming pool with our niece Kalie and our nephew Riley. Collin enjoyed it a lot and has grown increasingly brave each time we go swimming.

Collin, Riley and Kalie
(left to right)

A jump from the side of the pool definitely makes a splash!
This week Collin is starting his second round of swimming lessons. He had the parent/child lessons last year through Community Education at Roosevelt Pool and this year we have decided to go with lessons at the Anoka Aquatic Center. We swam in the pool there earlier this week and he loved the zero depth entry and warmer water temperature. Since he is very comfortable in the water, he will be in the "tadpole" class--still very basic, but no parents in the water...though I can guarantee you we will be taking pictures from the lounge chairs nearby!
More splishing and splashing to come!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally cured of Spring Fever

It seemed like it took forever for the weather to turn pleasant in any sort of predictable way....the Rosenau family caught a pretty bad case of spring fever early on this year...

We tried diligently to make the best of what remained of the winter season. Another round of skating lessons got the whole family up on skates this time and we were able to spend some time enjoying the more moderate temperatures on an outdoor rink.

But even time outdoors shooting the puck around did not make up for the fact that it was still not really spring! So, to bring a taste of the tropics to Ramsey, a coconut just had to do!

And then, just when we could not wait any longer...look was Spring. Fore!

Finally the grass began to turn green and the threat of snow was gone. And as the golf courses began to open, we were fortunate enough to find one near our home that is very family friendly...and I just happen to know a pre-schooler who loves to golf...

Welcome Spring and look out we come!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New tricks for an old dog...

As you can tell, the Rosenau's have been absent from the blog world for quite some time. It is not that I don't have plenty of photos and stories from our latest family adventures to share with you.
Instead, I think that after taking a few weeks off during some particularly busy periods in our life, I simply fell out of the habit of blogging. I have never been a technology/gadget fan, so being away from the computer (outside of work, of course) is not something abnormal for me. So, although well intentioned, I seem to be struggling to get back into the groove of it all....Perhaps you can't teach an old dog new tricks?...

Well, perhaps not "old" yet, but definitely older...I celebrated my thirty-abcd birthday on April 22
(Oh, gee...did my fingers slip while I was typing?...that's odd...oh well...).

As that was a Thursday night, and we have now established that I am not as young as I used to be, you can imagine that the festivities the night of my actual birthday were pretty tame. Later in the month, however, we were fortunate enough to have a chance to celebrate with our friends Katie and Darin Bartsch. A pretty sudden and unexpected offer by Collin's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin's for an overnight visit with them left us free for a night on the town. (Side note: Collin also had a blast...he was able to attend his cousin's hockey tournament.)
Suddenly and unexpectedly we were able to call the Bartsch's who miraculously were able to find someone to watch their two kids and...presto! Dinner for four at Nectar!
Katie, Darin and I are all friends from our years at St. Thomas (and Doug was no stranger to that campus either...). Katie and I were actually roommates and together we all had plenty of memorable well as some we may have forgotten because of too much fun....
Nonetheless, celebrating with old friends makes getting older seem almost worth it!
Thanks to everyone who called or wrote, etc. to wish me a happy birthday! You are all appreciated! And I promise to get back to blogging and keeping you all more up to date!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck O' The Irish

Happy St. Patrick's day! Well, happy St. Patrick's Day Eve???

I still love this Holiday! So low key and only what you make of it with no expectations....I know just what green shirt Collin will wear tomorrow and we will have corned beef and cabbage with some friends that are coming over for dinner to celebrate (not too much celebrating, as it is mid-week, of course....). We are a lucky family to have you all in our lives!

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's nice on the ice

When I don't have to drive in it, I don't mind winter as much as I used to...I am getting better each year with just bundling up and taking it as it comes. Collin loves to play outdoors in all seasons, and I think that his enthusiasm is motivating for is way more fun to be outside playing with your son than scraping the windshield of your car or digging yourself out of the driveway with a shovel, which is really all that winter meant to me for most of my adult years....

My new tolerance for the season of snow is probably a very good thing given the fact that I am likely to be spending a large portion of my life in upcoming years near ice, even in the summer, given Collin's apparent love for all things hockey....So, to prepare both Collin and myself, this month he started ice skating lessons at a nearby ice arena.
After 2 lessons with teachers, supplemented by a few trips to both indoor and outdoor public skating with Doug and I, he is well on his way.
Believe me, this is not something we are pushing him into...if anything, Doug and I are the downtrodden ones in this scenario (but he's so cute, we just don't care!).
At this point, he does not need to use a "walker" and can get up from the ice on his own if he does take a tumble. He does all of this with amazingly good spirits and determination.
The classes are offered through Community Education and are simply a way to get interested kids out onto the ice and give them some pointers. They play games and learn basic skills...As you can see below, the class size is very small. Collin is in the first class, Snowplow Sam I, that is for the youngest of beginners.
Our skater is the handsome guy in the black helmet and blue jacket....

Doug and I watch closely at the skating lessons from our seats in the stands...and then we practice when we take Collin to open skating sessions as neither Doug or I can ice skate either! My experience on the ice was limited to a few times at the Hutchinson rink with my High School best friend, Cindy, who was much more graceful and prepared than I ever was! Since then, the only ice time I have had has been in poorly maintained parking lots as I walk to and from my car. Doug's experience is limited too, so I am sure we are all quite the sight out there...especially since it won't be too long before our 3 year old is skating circles around us!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another year...wiser...

Doug's birthday was at the end of January and we'd all like to say 'thank you' to everyone who called or sent cards to say hello! He's been working hard...on top of working full-time and being a dad and husband, Doug is still enrolled in his MBA program at Concordia, St. Paul, so he's not only getting older, he's getting wiser with every year! (He's not sensitive about feel free to joke, folks!). We wanted to make his birthday special.
Collin and I started the day early, making a birthday cake for dad while he slept in. Now, "sleeping in" at our house these days, even on your birthday, means that you are up by about 8:oo am. This will give you some perspective on how early Collin and I were up to make the cake before Dad was awakened by this eager little baker....On the plus side, you can't beat freshly baked warm carrot cake and a nice cup of coffee for breakfast!

We love you, Daddy, and hope your birthday was a great one!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

As you may have noticed, we have been absent from the Blog-world for a while...So, what have we been doing? Enjoying all the wonders that winter has to offer....some of them have truly been enjoyable memories...others simply a means to an our drive on Christmas morning....

After a laid back and enjoyable Christmas Eve at our home with just the three of us, after Merry Christmas phone calls to family who live too far away for travel, our winter wonderland adventures began with a Christmas morning drive through a storm to spend the holidays with family. Snow, ice, slush and wind greeted those of us who chose to travel on the road--reminding us that we were indeed celebrating Christmas in Minnesota. After taking our time, we happily arrived at our destination and were able to spend the next few days with family.

Christmas day started in Hector, MN with Grandpa Don, Grandma Lynn and Emily. Collin is now ready to fix anything with his new Black and Decker tool bench and kit!

After enjoying a good meal and gifts in Hector, we were off to Grandma Nola's house in Fernando where the traditional annual game of dice, Bunko, kept everyone busy into the night. Check out Collin hanging with the guys...learning all sorts of things....

The following morning, the fun continued in
Fernando with breakfast and then gift opening with all the cousins...An assortment of
pajamas to party dresses fit the occasion just fine!

And, although Collin started out the day in the new hockey theme "Grandma pants" so popular with hockey players that we gave him as a gift, we soon found out that the day was to be filled with many wardrobe changes...

You guessed it, these three photos are all taken within the same hour....For Christmas he was given a variety of sports theme shirts/jerseys...A Gophers hockey jersey, a Pittsburgh Penguins shirt and a Bronco's jersey....and with each new gift opened he just had to wear it right least until the next one came along!

We spent the next day visiting with my relatives on the farm. The chickens and other animals on the farm were a hit as usual. The many decorations, especially a small mountain
scene with moving skiers
was a really something special!

In addition to family, we have also been blessed to be spending time with friends. On New Year's Eve, we stayed at the Neumann's home, where Collin got to play with his friend Bryce and Doug and I enjoyed the company of Jay and Renee, our gracious hosts!

JJ Hammill stayed overnight for a playdate, and got to practice his basketball skills....proud as can be after making a shot!

The Zeleke family made the long drive from Iowa and took some time in their busy schedule to stop by. Jan and Abel have three beautiful daughters...but like their mommy they are tough girls...Collin had his work cut out for him in a wrestling match with Jasmine!

We also celebrated Christmas with the Bartsch family, Collin's Godparents. (As you can see, Collin is wearing yet another jersey....How did a nice little bookworm like me end up with an aspiring jock for a son?!? Oh yeah, that's right...that must come from Daddy...)

So, like many of you, we started out busy finishing up the Holiday season and it has continued...We hope that all of your families had a great Christmas season and that 2010 is treating you well!