Monday, June 28, 2010

America's pastime...

Each year, Collin's daycare center holds a T-ball tournament that is followed by a small carnival for the community later in the evening. This year Collin was again in the spirit of the game and loved every minute of it.

He enjoyed the game last year, and this year he had already been showing an increased interest in baseball/t-ball overall, thanks to the movie "The Sandlot." As a surprise, he got his very first real baseball glove just in time for the game. After that, it was all business!

When it was his team's turn up to bat, he volunteered to be first. Perhaps I should say that he could not have been stopped from being first up to bat..He was very excited, and as none of the other kids seemed too willing to step up to the plate it was an easy call to make. He swung, hit the ball, and off he ran. A Home Run!

It was probably one of those things you had to be there for, but it was hysterically funny. He ran as fast as he could-he was very serious about it yet, dare I say, he had a little bit of a cocky swagger to his gait! All the kids in the outfield would stumble over the ball, eventually lay hands on it and then throw as hard as they could. Given the age group of the kids, this gave our little self-proclaimed All Star plenty of time to round all the bases. The parents were laughing so hard they were in tears and it was a great way to start the game!

Collin was very proud, but not surprised---he often runs the bases at that very park when we play there as a family. He was actually more surprised his next time at bat when he had to stop to wait at first base and could not just keep going!

All of this baseball excitement translated into a spur of the moment trip the following Sunday to see a real Twin's game at the new Stadium...more posts to come!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hoppin' back to Easter

Yes, I realize that Easter has long since passed. Nonetheless, here is a glimpse of how we spent it...

We started the weekend out at early morning Easter Egg hunt left us with all sorts of sweet goodies that included the traditional chocolate bunny and a book I found about the real meaning of Easter.

Of course, coloring Easter Eggs was also on the "to do" list. Collin got a chance to show off his inner artist with some of his Cousins.

What a master piece!

Then later when the whole family slowly trickled in to the festivities at Grandma Nola's, a big outdoor Easter Egg hunt began..that's about 3 acres of hunting ground if I am estimating correctly...and that darn Easter Bunny hid nests of goodies around the whole place!

Nourished by the candy and treats they found, an impromptu football game broke out to celebrate the unseasonably warm weather. Players included aunts, uncles and cousins of all ages. You will notice that even the frills and lace of Easter finery could not get in the way of this game! Please excuse the very shaky camera was windy and I was giggling way too much to stay still.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prayers for some friends, please

Our friends, the Callison family, are in need of all your thoughts and prayers right now. Their youngest daughter, Lynnea, has struggled with serious cardiac issues her entire life. Her condition is at a critical point right now and they can use all of the strength, support and prayers we can offer. You can find details at the link on our page to the right for The Callison Chronicles, or simply say a word to God for little Lynnea, her big sister Ashlyn, Mommy Tina and Daddy Corey.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Splish Splash

Earlier this summer we had a chance to play at a swimming pool with our niece Kalie and our nephew Riley. Collin enjoyed it a lot and has grown increasingly brave each time we go swimming.

Collin, Riley and Kalie
(left to right)

A jump from the side of the pool definitely makes a splash!
This week Collin is starting his second round of swimming lessons. He had the parent/child lessons last year through Community Education at Roosevelt Pool and this year we have decided to go with lessons at the Anoka Aquatic Center. We swam in the pool there earlier this week and he loved the zero depth entry and warmer water temperature. Since he is very comfortable in the water, he will be in the "tadpole" class--still very basic, but no parents in the water...though I can guarantee you we will be taking pictures from the lounge chairs nearby!
More splishing and splashing to come!