Monday, November 22, 2010

Theme Song

If you have audio on your computer, you have likely noticed music with the blog! Toward the bottom of the page you will see a "play list" of some of Collin's favorite songs of the last year...

He enjoys sports, but music still remains important too. He got a new and improved (more sturdy) drumset for his birthday to replace the one that has met its demise since Christmas a couple years ago. (Rocking out in his tough guy pirate pajamas...)We had conferences tonight with his teachers for both pre-school and daycare this evening and his love for music is evident there too. So, it seems appropriate for us to share with you all as well.

The songs will play as you read the blog, or else feel free to click on the ones that interest you most. For now it will always start with his current favorite "Stuck like Glue" but eventually I will modify it so it skips.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

So late it's scary?

Yes, I am posting about Halloween just shortly before Thanksgiving...So late, its scary....right?

This year our little man dressed as "Iron Man." I have to admit I am not entirely sure how that came about. Since right after last Halloween, the plan was to be a mummy this year. When the time came to get a costume, however, Iron Man was the clear favorite. I even got into the spirit of things (pun intended) and dug out my old witch hat and broom. No matter what Doug may tell you, that is not my normal state of being...

We then ventured back to Silver Lake, MN to do some trick or treating with Collin's cousins. This is the town where Doug grew up and roamed the streets himself as a child. I am guessing tricks were not uncommon in that town in those days....

We also went to a Halloween event at the Anoka County fairgrounds earlier in the month. Collin painted a pumpkin, got unlimited time in bounce houses (which I think he likes better than candy) and we got to make our own scarecrow, which is now living outside our front door (left, in the photo of Collin and I at the top of the page). Doug and Collin baked a pumpkin pie from scratch (real pumpkins, a home made crust...the real deal) and I baked some deliciously salty pumpkin seeds!

We hope that you all had a sweet Halloween too!