Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trying something new

Collin continues to love hockey and will actually start in the Anoka program as a Mite this fall (pictures to come I am sure...). He also resumed swimming lessons this summer, completing the "torpedo" level and will be a "titan" next year.

In addition to keeping up those interests, Collin asked to try something new...Karate! (Picture-Before class with some friends).

There is a studio just down the street from our house...a location close enough to walk to which is a definite perk. So, you may find us walking down the block toward lessons as we learn what the world of Karate is all about.

He has enjoyed it so far and done well. Moving from just having the uniform and no belt, he earned his "white belt" by attending classes (picture), trying hard and showing respect.

At intervals, he earns "stripes" (picture) to this belt as they mark progress.

When he earned enough stripes, he was able to test (below) in front of the class and achieved "one yellow stripe belt." Congratulations, Collin!

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Katie said...

Yeah Collin! Great job!