Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's taken so long?

As it has been quite some time since the last Rosenau Review blog, it seems fitting to start with the reason for our long!

Since we've been "gone" from the blogging world, quite a bit has changed. First, Doug completed his MBA program at Concordia in was a lot of work and we are very proud of him for this accomplishment! We enjoyed the ceremony and did a dinner cruise in Stillwater that evening to celebrate.

Later in May, Collin also graduated from his first year in pre-school at St. Stephens. After a concert for the parents there was cake with his classmates and their families and a chance to look back at some memory books created throughout the year.

He'll be back again this year to see his friends and teachers. Th pre-school program was only in existence for two years as of last year, so as the program was growing it was located in a room of the church. This year the classroom moved from the church and is now across the street at the actual "big kids" school...he is very excited!

As for myself, I completed the first year of my MA program for Counseling Psychology at Bethel University. However, that passed without much fanfare, which was fine because I was quite tired! No pictures to include, as they would mostly consist of my sitting in my pajamas in front of this very computer writing a paper around midnight or on the couch with some very, very large textbooks...That said, it went well and after a month off I am gearing up to start classes again in September.

We enjoyed our school year and the conclusion of it....more posts to come on how we've spent our summer break!

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